What Do I Mean By Natural Food?

Much of the food that we consume today is not what I would consider natural. Sure, it’s made up from organic molecules (well, mostly) but other than that, it has no real resemblance to anything produced by the earth without interference by man. Even much of our raw agricultural produce bears little resemblance to anything that I would consider natural - GM crops that have been doused in chemicals, beef loaded with artificial hormones and fed a diet that cattle were never meant to eat, fruits and vegetables that have been stored for months on end then sprayed with compounds to make them ripen as they hit the supermarket shelves.

No, what I’m talking about when I refer to natural food is produce that is unashamedly, gleefully untampered with. It’s in season or has been appropriately stored for preservation of nutrients and flavour, comes from nearby, and it’s actually good for us. Perhaps it’s been grown in an agricultural system, but one that mimics the actions of a natural ecosystem, and delivers other benefits to the environment and the people who farm it - it’s more than just a commodity*.

The best thing about this kind of food is that it’s so delicious and nutritious that it’s an absolute pleasure to eat - and there’s no guilt associated, because it’s actually good for the environment, it benefits the farmer, and it’s healthy. It closely resembles the food that we’ve evolved eating over the last few million years.

* I’m not the only mad scientist talking about farming in this way - there’s whole field of study dedicated to these ideas called agroecology. Click here, here, and here to find out more about it.